Squat Warm Up 3

2 rounds of 10m each:
-Knee Pulls
-Quad Pulls
-Lateral Lunge
-Toe Pulls
-Scissor Kicks

2-3 lengths forward and back, banded walk

Finish with 10-15 banded pullaparts and 20-30 seconds each side spiderman stretch

Finish with front rack mobility work (or ankle if FR is good)

Front Squat (8,8,5,5,3)

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

:30/:30 work/rest x 5 rounds each of:

-ball slams (30/20)
-hollow body rocks
-calorie bike
-hollow body rocks

*scale rocks to holds if needed.. (for score purpose, you get 1 "rep" for every 3 seconds held)
**complete all 5 rounds of each movement before moving on